Of mystical creations.
Goldleaf Pre Roll Joints | 3 grams 

Goldleaf Pre Roll Joints | 3 grams 

FRuits of the gods

ancient rituals for modern times

Apollo, god of light, is one of the most important gods in Greek myth. Legend says, he taught man the art of medicine and was referred to as 'The Healer'. 

At Goldleaf, we are inspired by Apollo's tale. We commit to cultivating awareness and well-being, from the care we put into sustainability on our farms to the rich tasting cannabis products we produce.


Jason Raposa




The cannabis plant has been revered worldwide for thousands of years. We continue the lineage, but with new processes and improved technologies. Our commitment to cultivate awareness and well-being harkens back to older times of alignment with nature and medicinal plants.


Goldleaf's 3 pillars

Girl in sunset

taking great care

Of the Earth and its people. We look at sustainability as a holistic model: our farms, our communities, and our ecosystem must all be in harmony.  

Goldleaf premium cannabis brand

Growing incredible cannabis

The finest cannabis comes from an alignment with both art and science. The quality of our products depends on our direct relationship with each plant.  

Healing and awakening

Cannabis displays an intelligence like no other: when consumed, it helps find homeostasis in our bodies. We believe in a symbiotic relationship with plants.


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